The Scenario of Transport Industry in India

The transportation industry plays a very important part to assist the Indian economy in order to keep up. This industry can be described as the backbone of economy of the nation. Moreover, discussing more about a developing country like India, with a boost on E-commerce industry, transport is going high.

A boost in the retail stores, wealthy requirement of the clients and increased connectivity are a few major causes because of which the truck transport companies are on a roller coaster. Regardless of all these points, you will stumble upon a slide of hassles which impinge on the industry to attain its utmost potential.


Actually, the worldwide price of transportation accounts to near about 5 percent in comparison to 6 to 10 percent of what is there in our country. This reflects that we still hold a great scope to perk up the proceeds limits by means of applying better minds in transport services and the process of supply chain management.

The transport companies generally incorporate the outbound as well as inbound supply chain together with manufacturing divisions in the country. Adding more to this point, these divisions are immensely split. There is no appropriate regulatory arrangement for managing or organizing the industry.


Though the trucking segment in India is attached to near about 130 billion dollar market with approximately 6 million trucks on the road, You can also say that it’s hitting the brains over problems, like bad infrastructure, management problems for warehouse and storage, ill-timed deliveries, shortage of transporters, middlemen interfering with proceedings, Zero control over drivers and their service hours and more.

This evidently displays the existing prospect of the trucking industry in India. It is extremely uneven, unorganized and short of interaction. Regardless of a massive 4.7% input to the GDP, transport management still have escapes and therefore unable to give out its share. For this reason, there is the requirement of developing a solution that can smartly manage to handle the issues linked with technology, an organization of warehouse and networking together with overall management.



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