Road transport is a vital connection for the supply chain in India that offers productivity and competitive efficiency, leading to nation’s economic growth.

Additionally, it also plays an important role in turning up the growth of distant locations opening their ways to trade and investment together with integrating them into the actual economy. These days, online truck booking in bangalore and various other cities has turned simple as numerous online transportation services have come up


Regardless of its value, the transport industry in the country has driven slight interest. The insufficiency of transport services and the shortage of financial support from the government has been the core of issues that the road freight sector is dealing with. The transport sector in the country is a part of the complete supply chain in the nation at present with the utmost possibility to save expenses. It can be really optimized to a certain level where all business partners would reap the advantages and will also be capable of capturing its capabilities.

The major issues

Transport is an industry in the nation that is still not organized as it should be. The transporters with convoy volume of fewer than six trucks really makes for near about 70% of vehicles operated in India. The prices given by different transporter service providers is a big problem for the organizations as the haggling power of these transporters is quite high in their own areas.

Transport for a trade such as FMCG also throws up great dare as the goods have to travel various levels and in future, the most hard-hitting challenge shows up at the last mile to get in touch with the retail outlet. The order terminations because of daily issues such as truck accessibility, driver problems, and environmental factors throw up numerous supply chain threats.

The role of technology in transport sector

The new business groups in the transport sector are coming up absolutely understand the high prospective in India and the developing road network for transport and trade that can be prepared out of it. The low-level business groups as they come up would put forward several choices and also lend a hand in getting the transport sector more organized along with the prices and accessibility of vehicles more efficient.


The utilization of technology has also assisted in a great way for the forthcoming companies to be capable of tracking the cargo on the real time basis with the assistance of technologies such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and IOT. So, if you need to book a truck online then it is best to go with some reliable option and make sure that you are getting the best online transport service available.

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